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Nissan Hybrid Technology – Gilroy, CA

Nissan Hybrid Technology | Gilroy, CA
The automotive industry’s hybrid offerings are constantly expanding, but Nissan is staying ahead of the game. Nissan’s hybrid technology is found in many crossovers throughout the lineup. The 2017 Nissan Rogue Hybrid, for example, stands as one of the most recognizable models in the industry, but what makes the hybrid system tick?

Nissan’s FR Hybrid System achieves optimized performance and efficiency without sacrificing ride comfort. In addition to its impressive acceleration and high fuel economy, the hybrid system maintains the versatility drivers expect in modern crossovers.

The one-motor two-clutch intelligent dual clutch control hybrid system earns fuel economy similar to that of a compact car. It also offers better performance than a standard gasoline engine thanks to the use of a motor.

The electric motor connects to the engine and battery. It works with the engine to improve both performance and fuel economy by regenerating and storing energy within the battery. That power is primarily used for electric-only low-speed driving and accelerating, two driving activities that offer the lowest fuel economy.

The one-motor two-clutch system is capable of separating the engine from the motor in order to run on the motor alone. The engine is disconnected from the motor and transmission during electric-only and energy regeneration driving.

Nissan’s hybrid system features two clutches in order to transfer energy between the engine and motor. The clutches replace the standard torque converter to improve everything from energy loss to efficiency.

The hybrid system features a lithium-ion battery that stores energy from braking and allows that energy to be used for electric-only driving. Using the energy efficiently means higher efficiency due to a decrease in fuel consumption.

Nissan’s FR Hybrid System is paving the way towards the future of the automotive industry. The one-motor two-clutch system improves fuel economy without compromising performance or versatility. Test out Nissan’s hybrid technology for yourself today at Nissan of Gilroy.

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